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Disruptive separation solutions

Advancement in high-performance liquid chromatography through low-pressure operating multi capillary monoliths.

Improving the resolution

We work at High Performance and Low Pressure, which allows us a better resolution.

Reducing solvent consumption

Our low-pressure innovation enables less solvent use.

Increasing the productivity

Optimization of working time.

Decreasing of investments

Low pressure means less solvent is used, less energy is consumed and significant cost savings are made.


After winning the "EMERGENCE" competition, Separative was established in 2014. Through years of research and calculations, we have made advancement in high-performance liquid chromatography. Our aim today is to pave the way for the future of chemistry. 

Chromatographie sur colonne


87. Av des Frères Perret

69190 Saint-Fons

04 28 27 04 77

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