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Innovative separation technology with a low carbon footprint!

Advancement in high-performance liquid chromatography through low-pressure operating multi capillary monoliths.

Separative has been designated by the European Union's Horizon research and innovation programme (EIC) as a "disruptive innovation nugget".


A solution for...

Reducing environmental impact

Thanks to an innovative purification process,

 Separative reduces the use of solvents and the operating pressure.

 operating pressure by 90%.

This reduces the carbon footprint by 36%*.

Reduce solvent consumption

Thanks to monolithic multicapillary columns,

the use of solvents is reduced by 50%. This translates into less polluting and less risky processes.

Reduce energy consumption

Working at low pressure means

a significant reduction in energy consumption.

A reduction of 86%* compared to a conventional chromatographic process.

*Source : Carbone 4

Increase productivity

Reducing the time taken to separate molecules increases productivity.

Reduce production investments

The low-pressure process results in significant CapEx savings.

CapEx costs are reduced by 90%.

Separative opens doors to tomorrow's chemistry !

Winner of the "EMERGENCE" competition, Separative was founded in 2014. Building on many years of research, François Parmentier has developed a new technology for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). 

Separative's ambition is to open the door to tomorrow's chemistry by marketing its multi-capillary monolithic columns for chromatographic separation.

Liquid chromatography


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