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  • Start-up founded in 2014 that is innovating liquid chromatography high performance

  • Develops Multicapillary monolith columns operating at low pressure, enabling a high performance separation of complex mixtures

  • The team which has won several competitions (i-Lab, i-Nov, Emergence, EIC H2020)

Chromatographie sur colonne

Value proposition

Separative offers disruptive solutions to separate molecules efficiently, quickly, ecologically, and economically to the pharma and biotech industries.

The chemical industry spends 7.5% of investments on reducing their production's environmental impact.*

*chimie-chiffres-cles-2013.pdf (

Source: Carbone 4 study on insulin polishing & Separative hypothesis. Comparison without vs. Separative for a similar efficacy, Capex International Simulation.

Our history


Patent filing for multicapillary monoliths

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