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About Us

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Our vision

Separative opens door to tomorrow's chemistry. 

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Our mission

  • We invent breakthrough separation solutions.

  • We reduce the environmental impact of our customers.

  • We enable our customers to access new markets, molecules, products and processes.

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Our values

SEPARATIVE is based on 5 fundamental values that govern the way we work and collaborate.

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Operational Excellence

We are constantly improving and innovating. We measure progresses. We challenge the status quo.

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Can do attitude

The challenges of our customers are our business. We are continually learning in order to find solutions to overcome obstacles.

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The quality

Quality is at the heart of our actions. We offer best in class products and services. We seek our customer's satisfaction.

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Scientific excellence

Our intellectual property is at the heart of our development strategy. Our work is guided by shared scientific value and we strive to attract the best scientific partnerships.

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We do what is right

We care about people and the differences they bring. We place customer's interests and needs above ours.

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Our story

Founded in 2014 following the Emergence competition, Separative cultivates years of research, calculations and testing led by François Parmentier, the company's founder. We were funded by Europe to the tune of €7.4 million for our invention on low pressure multi capillary monolith chromatography. 

And today, SEPARATIVE offers solutions for chromatographic separations. Thanks to our multi capillary column technology operating at low pressure, we also offer AD HOC studies on the separation of your molecules.

With 12 employees, SEPARATIVE works every day to pave the way for the chemistry of tomorrow.

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