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Chromatographie liquide fonctionnant à basse pression

Innovative columns offering unique selectivity

Separative is specialised in the manufacturing of multi capillary monolithic columns designed for complex purifications.

Our work in high-performance liquid chromatography is based on low-pressure technology, which sets us apart in the industry. This approach delivers exceptional resolution and selectivity.

Colonnes de chromatographie liquide haute performance

Our columns operate at a low pressure of 3 bar, which is significantly lower than the standard range of 400-600 bar for conventional columns. In addition, our innovation is reusable, making these aspects significant components of Separative's green chemistry approach.

Separative has achieved a groundbreaking advancement in chromatography, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability in chemical separation processes.



We combine our expertise and know-how with process engineering.


Separative demonstrates lab-scale processes with tangible results, which are used in the preparatory phase for the transition to the industrial stage. We evaluate the appropriate column equipment and verify its capacity and productivity.

This can also predict the occurrence of critical production parameters. By identifying separation data, we can enhance the entire process of molecule production. Whether it's optimization, dimensioning, or screening, we provide continuous support to our customers throughout their processes. This expertise is now available and accessible to you.

Separative's customers aspire to achieve excellence in their chromatography processes. Our experts can assist process teams in developing customized chromatography processes. Additionally, we offer the option to rent a laboratory-scale purification system with a range of columns for a limited period, allowing you to validate and define the optimal purification process parameters for your future needs.

Procédé industriel et procédé chromatographique
Colonnes de chromatographie liquide

Understanding the process

Chimie analytique

Study of components

Separative colonnes de chromatographie

Raising the level

Monolithes multi capillaire

Operational stage

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