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Validating the diffusional bridging and suppressing dispersion in multicapillary flow systems.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Microfluidic validation of the diffusional bridging effect suppressing dispersion in mutlicapillary flow systems.

By Bert Vankeerberghen, François Parmentier and Gert Desmet, analytical chemistry, June 2023

Microfluidic Validation of the Diffusional Bridging Effect Suppressing Dispersion in Multicapillary Flow Systems by Bert Vankeerberghen, François Parmentier, and Gert Desmet, Analytical Chemistry June 2023 validates by experimental evidence that the concept of diffusional bridging between capillaries is effective, and the diffusional bridging effect could have been quantified. Separative multi-capillary monolith columns will provide access to ultra-pure molecules for the pharma and biotech industries.

Separative columns’ diffusional bridging effect enables separation of inseparable mixtures, giving the life sciences industry access to new molecules, new therapeutic tools and much more…

“Separate the inseparable”

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