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SPICA 2022

François Parmentier, Jean-Marc Le Rudulier and Anne Bouchaudy attended the 18th SPICA conference which took place from 11 October to 14 October 2022 in Lisbon.

A poster on Separative columns was presented. During this conference Separative has enjoyed constructive discussions with potential customers, stake-holders, and attendees.

SPICA is the prime international event to learn about the latest progresses and best practices in the field of Preparative and Industrial Chromatography.

The conference is a unique multi-disciplinary forum for expert scientists working in fundamental research and practical applications of Preparative Separation Sciences in the domains of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, polymers, natural products, food, and fragrances.

Poster sessions, training workshops, free vendor seminars and a commercial exhibition are also main features of the symposium.

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